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Director Spotlight: Zach Hurth

Photo by Sean Muniz (@seanietsunami300)

Zach Hurth is on fire. Zach is a 23 year old videographer/director from Memphis, Tennessee who works alongside Mota Media. Together they have gained 130k+ subscribers on YouTube, 100k of those subscribers were gained in the first 11 months of creating the platform.

Zach Hurth has done quality work with many of your favorite artist coming from Memphis, Tennessee such as NLE Choppa, Duke Deuce, BlocBoy JB, Duke Deuce, Lil Migo, MoneyBagg Yo, and even artist from different regions of USA such as FMB Dz and Fredo Bang, and much more. Give him a follow on his social media pages and check out some of his biggest videos below.

Zach Hurth x Mota Media YouTube -

Zach Hurth's Instagram -

Zach Hurth's Twitter -


Duke Deuce - Yeh

NLE Choppa x Blocboy JB - Chopbloc

Lil Migo - Rockstar

Bankboy Wayne - Goat

Real Red feat. FastCash Boyz x Big 30 - Gates to the 8


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