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Weekly Heat List 🔥 (11/27/23 - 12/3/23)

Our favorite music (videos, audio, & projects) that dropped from November 27th, 2023 to December 3rd, 2023.


CameBackRichTJ - What's A Pen & Pad?


Detroit, MI

Jazon - One Day


Chattanooga, TN

Mudbaby CJ - Step


Nashville, TN

Pressure 1k - Options


Nashville, TN

FendiDa Rappa feat. GloRilla - In The Trunk

@FendiDaRappa_ @GloRillaPimp

Chicago, IL - Memphis, TN

Lil Boogie - Big Trouble


Chattanooga, TN

Baby Smoove - Sidney


Detroit, MI

Brian Brown - BBGoneProfit


Nashville, TN


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