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Weekly Heat List 🔥 (3/29/21 - 4/4/21)

Our favorite music (videos, audio, & projects) that dropped out of Tennessee from March 29th, 2021 to April 4th, 2021.


JC Gwall x Lil Beezy - Mannish

@JCGwalla @1LilBeezy

Memphis, TN

Snupe Bandz - Let Em Know


Memphis, TN

Hoodbaby Ke - Paint My Picture


Knoxville, TN

Lil Boogie & Yung Honcho - Dead Friends

@GMNBoogie @HonchoLucky_

Chattanooga, TN - Knoxville, TN

ABK Gatez - Don't Start


Nashville, TN

INE Icey - Gun Smoke


Memphis, TN

SGE Drell - Roniqueka


Nashville, TN

Slatt Zy - Lean On


Chattanooga, TN


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