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Weekly Heat List 🔥 (4/29/24 - 5/5/24)

Our favorite music (videos, audio, & projects) that recently dropped from April 29th, 2024 to May 5th, 2024.


Ruthlezzlubaree - 64 Bars

Nashville, TN

Mud - Left For Dead

Memphis, TN

FBL Manny - Plane Crash Therapy

Atlanta, GA

CBandz feat. Yung Honcho - Night Still Young

Nashville, TN - Knoxville, TN

Lil SKE - Sorry You Was Waiting

Nashville, TN

Gloss Up - Not Ya Girl: Act 1

Memphis, TN

LodyMadeIt - YooDiiRuthless - No Faking

Memphis, TN

KATO2X - Rocket Docket

Memphis, TN


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