Weekly Heat List 🔥 (8/15/22 - 8/21/22)

Our favorite music (videos, audio, & projects) that dropped out of Tennessee from August 15th, 2022 to August 21st, 2022.

Apple Music Link - https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/weekly-heat-list/pl.u-ZmblD5at0z40Mml


C Notti & K Carbon - STRIPPERBOWL

@CNottiii @KCarbon__

Atlanta, GA - Memphis, TN

Bella Moon - Pretty Heart


Nashville, TN

Fastlane x ReggieBDaBoss x ABK Gatez - We Been Eating

@FastLaneRoscoee @ReggieBDaBoss @1ABKGatez

Nashville, TN

Burchwood Tez - Master P


Clarksville, TN

Bigg Unccc - Free Roccout


Memphis, TN

Zo Trapalot - Let's Do It


Memphis, TN

MyNameKushy feat. Bubby Galloway - Hard To Breathe

@MyNameKushy @BubbyGalloway

Nashville, TN

Road Runna Jefe - Playmakin


Clarksville, TN